Shopping: Las Vegas

vegas dazzle

Last month while I was I spending time experiencing the mLife in Las Vegas I snuck away from the group for a few hours. It was JUST enough time for one of MY favorite past times….SHOPPING. If you were following my twitter feed while I was away, I KNOW you saw the check-ins at Nanette […]

Sustainable Vegas

2013-04-04 13.21.17

In celebration of Earth Day I bring you ….. LAS VEGAS What? Las Vegas with it’s over-the-top characters, smoke filled casinos, and bright lights? Isn’t that the OPPOSITE of what Earth Day is all about? Not exactly. You see, a few weeks ago I had the opportunity to stay in Las Vegas as an invited […]

Las Vegas secrets


I can’t tell you how to win at the blackjack table or which machine is ready to pay out big (if I could, I wouldn’t be sitting here typing this post), but I can let you in on the secret to saving on your Las Vegas vacation – so that you have more in your […]