Try the World Marrakesh


The first time I had tagine was in Paris. It was somewhere in the Marais. We sat on low benches dressed with pillows and rested against the stone walls. Peeking through one of the windows dividing diners was a small dog begging for a little bite of our tender lamb. It was over eight years ago, and I remember the smells as if it were today.

This month I received another box of delciousness from Try the World, the subscription service that brings you flavors from all around the globe, each themed to a destination with distinct culinary delights. The moment I opened my Marrakesh box the smell hit…THAT smell, the smell of the African restaurant in Paris, the smell when they I lifted the top of my tagine, the smell that’s etched in my memory forever.


I’d never tried to make my own, but with the gourmet delicacies packed in my beautiful teal box, I can bring North Africa to Florida. Take a look into THIS month’s box. The ONLY thing I wish is that I could send these wonderful smells to you as I unbox it….better yet, order one for yourself and you’ll enjoy just what I am as I unpack my favorite teal colored subscription box….


  • Price: $33 per box (1 year subscription), to $39 per box (2  month subscription)
  • Subscribe in March or April and receive the Marrakesh Box as your first box.
  • Plus: Free Shipping, Free Returns, Cancel Anytime
  • Order: Try the World
  • 30% off Coupon Code for Champagne Living Readers: CHAMPAGNE30

Try The World works with artisanal producers from around the world, and therefore each box may be a little bit different. All boxes have a curated assortment of delicious and authentic gourmet products of similar value. When opening your Try The World box, you may be pleasantly surprised to discover different local flavors than the ones I have received! The card included in your box will guide you through your culinary adventure.