Sneak peek: Scion iM

scion im concept

I’m not going to lie, I get excited when Scion puts out a new car. A little bird just told me that Scion is debuting their new concept car at the Los Angeles Auto Show in November.  Lets hope they bring the fire like they did with the FRS.  Here is a brief sneak peak… Such […]

Cold in July

cold in july

I think Texas pulp should be its own genre, I know it really is easy to get push it into noir or crime thriller, but Texas pulp has a feel all of its own.  Films like Blood Simple, No Country For Old Me, Blue Ruin and Killer Joe really have turned this location into a […]

It’s all about the action – GoPro

Hero lifestyle 3

I’m an active guy, and there is a certain amount of abuse I put into everything.  It’s tough to get equipment that holds up to my rough lifestyle.  I’m constantly on the water, I play rugby, I drive fast cars and I need equipment that is willing to hold up with the abuse I put […]

Lexus RC & RC-F

lexus rc lineup

I’ve been itching to drive something new. Honestly driving my current car has gotten me down it’s an efficient car however it’s boring and “All work and no play makes me a lame driver.” So it was time to reinvigorate my love for the open road and my friends at Lexus did just that. It’s […]

Moving time with East Dane

**The Gin Joint has a partnership agreement with East Dane. They provide clothes, I wear them & give my opinions. I pick what I want, so you won’t see anything here that I wouldn’t wear. It’s moving time for me, and I’ve been packing boxes and running back and forth to the storage unit in […]