Dinner’s done, the game is on….

I just finished eating thanksgiving dinner.  So right now it’s time to relax in front of the TV and watch a little NFL action.  I’m not one to get all dressed up for the holiday, and immediately after dinner I tend to dress down (way down). That’s right, I’ve never written about it but I […]

BIG East Dane Sale!!

Stocking stuffers

*Sponsored post with East Dane, my favorite place to buy clothes! I really do love my partnership with East Dane because I get to release information like this.  We all know I get all of my wardrobe there. I also think that they have the best sale and clearance section in the world.  But right […]

The practical costume

top gun cover

There’s nothing worse than going through all of the work and expense to buy a ridiculous costume, never to wear it again. Maybe it’s a guy thing, but it’s while I thoroughly enjoy a good costume party, dressing up as a clown is NOT part of the agenda. I want my costume to be comfortable […]

Taking the Lexus CT200H for a spin


I have to drive tons for work! In addition to that I also have loads to do with rugby driving all over the state as well.  My life is hectic and while it’s great to have a fast gas guzzling car, it’s not practicable for me.  I need something that is both fuel efficient and […]

Does the wallet make the man

croc wallet

What makes the man?  Well, actions make the man however there are a handful of things that a man should have: a watch, a suit, nice shoes and a wallet.  The final thing on that list is what we are going to be discussing today. I received a new  crocodile wallet from RealMensWallets.com to review.  Wow, is […]

Sneak peek: Scion iM

scion im concept

I’m not going to lie, I get excited when Scion puts out a new car. A little bird just told me that Scion is debuting their new concept car at the Los Angeles Auto Show in November.  Lets hope they bring the fire like they did with the FRS.  Here is a brief sneak peak… Such […]