In the booth – Frozen

in the booth

I have to say that the Disney team plans some INCREDIBLE hands-on experiences for us when we visit. We walked the red white carpet for the premiere of Frozen and watched the movie along with the talent, we interviewed some extremely talented people, and even got to play with the computers that animate the characters, but nothing compares to getting into the recording booth to lend our OWN voices to the characters in what is to be a DISNEY CLASSIC.

Then again, it’s NOT as easy as it looks. I’m sure if Jennifer Lee and Chris Buck heard this, there wouldn’t be a second call back. I think I’ll keep my day job…

Don’t take a drink before watching this one….or you’ll be cleaning up the mess. OK, you can laugh now…

Well, at least I tried. Hope you enjoyed “MY” Olaf….if you’re smart you’ll head to the theater to see the REAL Olaf in Frozen – Josh Gad. Maybe there’s hope for me yet?!?!?


I was a guest of Disney for a few days to facilitate these reviews. I was not compensated and all opinions are strictly my own 


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