Thelma & Louise, I mean Zippy & Diane



Two bloggers who know each other by reputation meet for the first time IN REAL LIFE. Sitting across a long crowded table they both check their twitter feed to find THIS: @JodiGrundig @zipporahs have you met @dcampagna yet? Both women hail from Rhode Island (although one has moved to Florida). They find themselves becoming FAST friends, in more ways than you can imagine. When they BOTH hop into the 2013 Sentra and RACE through the streets of San Francisco, they know that THIS will be one of many great drives.

In the back seat they’ve got an unsuspecting PR rep, Sarah Redman who’s being held HOSTAGE on this wild drive up and down hills, through crowded streets going the wrong way, across the Golden Gate Bridge,  and blocking intersections. Horns violently beeping at them, the 3 women break away from their normal life and let the 2013 Sentra take them on the ride of their life.

Plot Keywords:

Fun, affordable luxury, great pickup, friendship, smooth ride, sexy, no road noise,  aerodynamic, technology


Wait, this is a Sentra?


  • 30/39 mpg
  • dual temperature controls
  • trunk space for that WILD shopping spree (with room for your FRIEND’S wild shopping spree)
  • easy fill tire alert
  • USB
  • Voice activated navigation
  • CVT transmission
  • Lots of head and leg room, yet “tight” enough for a 5 footer (like Zippy)
  • Leather seating with woodtone trim

 Box Office (starting at)

  • 2013 Sentra S – $15,990
  • 2013 Sentra FE S – $17,660
  • 2013 Sentra SV – $17,970
  • 2013 Sentra FE + SV – $18,370
  • 2013 Sentra SR – $18,870
  • 2013 Sentra SL – $19,760

Company Credits: Nissan USA

Technical Specs: 1.8-liter inline-4 making 130 horsepower and 128 pound feet of torque

Runtime: We drove it for about 2 1/2 hours – SWEET

Sound Mix:  Our test car had an AMAZING Bose premium audio system with eight speakers

Color: Available in Metallic blue, Brilliant silver, Magnetic Gray, Amethyst Gray, Super black, Red brick, Aspen white & Graphite blue

Did You Know?

Trivia: It’s available NOW at your Nissan Dealer.

Sound Tracks: Get outta my dreams, get into my Car – Billy Ocean

With deep apologizes to IMDB ~ I had the opportunity to drive this hot little car along with “Louise”/Diane Campagna from San Francisco to Napa Valley as a guest of Nissan USA. It’s a FABULOUS little car, but I would’t expect anything less from Nissan. All opinions are strictly my own.




    • Zipporah Sandler says

      They’ve actually created a little luxury car with the Sentra. I was IMPRESSED (unlike the Kia Soul that I drove ONCE and let sit in my driveway…ugh).

    • Zipporah Sandler says

      I agree Erica. For the money you can’t beat it (and I like small cars – I drive a Civic now). It was FUN following the IMDB outline…just something different.

    • Zipporah Sandler says

      They’re a good car, they are well built, and LAST. They are my hubby’s FAVORITE brand and he’s retired from the automobile business.

  1. says

    Okay, we’ll we may not have held up anyone, but I did take a brownie & a bottle of water as we made our quick escape from Cornerstone Sonoma. (Okay, sure – they were given to me, but we WERE in a rush to get out of there.)

    • Zipporah Sandler says

      OK “Louise” – justify it any way that you want. I have EVIDENCE. Just remember, THE BIG CHAIR! (Wha?)

    • Zipporah Sandler says

      Thanks Sheri – since we had a Thelma & Louise sort of time, I figured that IMDB would be a great way to outline it.

  2. says

    Whoa that’s a Sentra was my first reaction! I love Nissan, however I just wish my Altima was more kid-friendly. I think we’re going to end up getting the rogue or murano! :)

    • Zipporah Sandler says

      The Pathfinder is GORGEOUS Courtney if you’re looking for something larger. I wish they still made the Altima Hybrid – I want one.

  3. says

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