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Ava’s going to be jealous.3605533105672_MEDIUMSKIN_DREAMTONE

My bestie (and partner on The Review Broads), Ava and I used to spend our weekends at the Lancôme counter at the Mall. We’d go often, get out makeup done and leave with hundreds of dollars of products in our bags. My mom used to go to the Mall to try on hats for entertainment, with Ava and I…it was Lancôme skin care and cosmetics. When I received my bottle of Lancôme DreamTome, it brought back a FLOOD of fun Saturday memories.Unfortunately, that was a LONG time ago. Ava moved to Utah and I moved to Florida around the same time ten years ago. In those ten years my skin has gone through a lot of changes.


I even brought it with me on my press trip!

It has

  • Age and sun spots
  • Lost elasticity
  • Dulling
  • Fine Lines

It’s been a while since I’ve sat at the Lancôme counter chatting with my favorite makeup artist back in Rhode Island, and it has been so nice being able to test out the latest in Lancôme’s line for aging skin DreamTone. My #bareselfie dreamtone Collage Yes, once again I show up with no makeup on, my dark circles and bags in my Petite Bateau tank that I sleep in. But, I’m “keeping it bare” for this one, as I wanted to show you just what my skin looks like before and after using DreamTone.


For my skin tone, I used the medium shade of Lancôme DreamTone. It also comes in Fair and Dark. If you’re not sure which of these is best for your skin coloring, head over to the Lancôme counter at your mall store and they’ll be happy to help you choose the perfect shade.


I used it twice a day as instructed. Once in the morning under my makeup and at night after washing my face. It was strange putting on a lightly tinted product at night, as I usually just slap on some anti-aging goop and head to bed. I wonder if Mr. S noticed that my skin looked great while I was snoring away?


Lancôme DreamTone

  • corrects dark spots
  • evens your skin tone
  • evens out color imperfections

Most noticeably

My skintone is becoming more even. I can see it after these TWO WEEKS, so I’m excited to see what the next two bring.  My skin looks brighter and more even, even without makeup. It takes about four weeks to really see a dramatic improvement, but after only two weeks I can already see my spots lightening a bit.


You can pick up Lancôme DreamTone for $98 (a LOT less than having a dermatologist zap off those spots). Find it wherever Lancôme products are sold or online at Lancô I have the feeling that I’ll be hanging out at the Lancôme Counter a little more often again!

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