Champagne Living guides: How to look GREAT


Surrounding yourself with good friends makes you feel great & as a result it shows in how you look.

A smile is your BEST accessory, especially when you’re smiling with friends.

This evening I was relaxing at the mansion, drinking a glass of wine and thinking about how Champagne Living has changed these past six years. While the tone of the site is similar, we’ve gone through a lot of changes, some good and some that I’m not happy about. One of the things that I really miss are the “how to” and basic information articles that I used to write. As I looked into the mirror as I was drying my hair this morning, no makeup, and a simple t-shirt & jeans on I thought about the essentials of looking great.

  • It isn’t about makeup
  • It isn’t about spending a fortune
  • It isn’t about getting all dolled up

If you look around at women who look beautiful, you’ll probably notice some of the same things that I do. Here are my top six ways to look your best.

1.  Get a really great haircut

I’m not talking about frou-frou “do’s” or a fabulous color, rather a good haircut in a super simple style that you can work with at home so that you look great on the run.  Gleaming, healthy hair, that’s uncomplicated or fussy that compliments your face and lifestyle is the first thing that someone notices. Thankfully, I have Shana at Blown Away in North Palm Beach to take care of me. If you don’t have a great stylist – go out and look for someone. Ask women on the street who have great haircuts who they go to and give them a try. Once you find a good fit, NEVER, EVER, EVER let them go (I travel an hour to get my hair cut).

2. Stay healthy

There’s nothing that’s worse (or looks worse) than having a cold. Eating healthy, taking your vitamins, and washing your hands often when you’re out in public are all essential to staying healthy. Just remember the last time your nose was red and watery, and your eyes bloodshot from having a cold – NOT ATTRACTIVE!

3. Eat healthy

The old addage of  “you are what you eat” was never more true. We have so many options (and yes I’m guilty of eating the worst of them). Resolve to change your eating habits.  That means holding back on the alcohol and drinking wine rather than cocktails, increasing fruits & veggies and trying to eat more fish and less beef.  Your skin will thank you, as will your waistline and glossy hair. Junk foods not only make you FEEL awful, but they make your skin, hair and body look bad as well.

4. Take care of your teeth

One smile and you’ve either captured their attention or turned their stomach. Nothing looks worse than stained teeth. GO TO THE DENTIST and take care of them. With whiteners available over the counter, you have no excuse. Of course as with any of these suggestions, don’t go overboard. Natural white is one thing, but you don’t want to whiten so much that your teeth get sensitive and it looks unnatural.

5. Drink water

I probably should have put this in with eating healthy, but it deserves a section of its own. Water hydrates your body, keeps your skin looking good, can reduce your appetite if you drink a glass before meals and if you use a cool rinse of water after washing your hair, can make it shinier.

6. Dressing smart

A simple classic wardrobe is ALWAYS best. I was just looking over a post about putting together a good solid core wardrobe that I wrote back in 2008 (yeah, I’ve been at this for THAT long). You can read my ten pieces every woman needs in her wardrobe in Dressing Chic Part Deux. I relied on Tim Gunn’s suggestions, but they are SO solid.

The basics are – forget fads, don’t spend money just because it’s “a bargain,” buy classic and you’ll wear it for YEARS, and have a few basic pieces and accessorize, accessorize, accessorize.






  1. says

    The three of you look great!
    This is some very practical advice Zippy. Some things never change. Eat healthy, dress classic not trendy, take care of your overall appearance.
    Just some basic maintenance can do wonders for our health and self esteem.

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