10 Reasons to cruise on the MSC Divina


I’m still on board the beautiful MSC Divina on a 7-day press trip, enjoying some of my favorite islands and a ship that is unlike any that I have traveled before. There are PLENTY of reasons to enjoy cruising with MSC…. Here are my top 10: Elegant – From the crystal staircase to the cabin, […]

How much will your cruise REALLY cost?


You found a “deal.” At under $250 each, you can grab a quick vacation in the Caribbean for 5 days. That’s cheaper than staying home and cooking….so YOU GRAB IT Ahh…the sunshine, the food, the fun, the drinks…and you did it all for under $500 for the two of you! NOT SO FAST If you’ve […]

Capturing the Christmas Markets


I had only been to a Christmas Market once before in my life. It was a couple of years ago while I was in New York City on a movie junket. The market was located in Central Park at Columbus Circle and I remembering marveling at the beautiful colors and smell of the holidays in […]

A spa so regal it’s fit for a princess

zippy facial 2

Answer: Are you kidding? Of course I would Question: Would you like to have a spa treatment at Lotus Spa while you’re sailing on the new Regal Princess? They didn’t have to ask me twice! I was invited to visit the newest floating health & beauty facility, and within seconds my fingers immediately danced their way over […]

A morning at Melk Abbey

Melk Abbey spiral staircase

  During the night we had to say goodbye to Germany as we passed through to the Austrian border. My cousin and traveling companion Susan had been talking about visiting an Abbey that sits high up on a cliff that is still run by Benedictine Monks. She had heard from friends that it was breathtakingly […]

A day in Passau


The chill has been whipping through my layers and my bones ache as I walk through the streets, but it’s worth every step along the cobblestones, up the hills, down the inclines and through the small passages. I was told that Passau was a beautiful city, and was (embarrassed that) I had not done my […]

Nuremberg and the Christmas Market


My first impression of what life will be like this week on board the Viking Hlin (there was a slight change of plans, and instead of boarding the Viking Njord we are on Viking’s newest ship (less than 6 month old) is that the crew is inviting and warm, welcoming guests as old family friends […]