Recipe: Glühwein of the Christmas Markets

Mulled wine

As we traversed from Nuremberg to Regensburg, Passau to Vienna, and finally on to Budapest, the goods at the Christmas Market’s changed as did the array of foods available. I learned the slight differences in food, gingerbread, and more, as Susie and I tasted our way from market to market. The ONE constant is the availability […]

A spa so regal it’s fit for a princess

zippy facial 2

Answer: Are you kidding? Of course I would Question: Would you like to have a spa treatment at Lotus Spa while you’re sailing on the new Regal Princess? They didn’t have to ask me twice! I was invited to visit the newest floating health & beauty facility, and within seconds my fingers immediately danced their way over […]

A day in Passau


The chill has been whipping through my layers and my bones ache as I walk through the streets, but it’s worth every step along the cobblestones, up the hills, down the inclines and through the small passages. I was told that Passau was a beautiful city, and was (embarrassed that) I had not done my […]