Gallo Burgundy – welcome home

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Gallo Family Wineries sent me this lovely bottle of wine to enjoy. Opinions are strictly my own. Cheers There are some things that just feel like coming home. The smell of your mom’s famous dish, the sounds of the ocean, the song you all sang as you took your first road trip with friends after […]

New Year’s Eve Champagnes & drinks


One of the best parts about New Year’s Eve is breaking out the champagne or sparkling wine to cheer in the coming year. The difference between the two is that Champagne is made only in the Champagne region of France and sparkling wine is made everywhere else and people use the words interchangeably. Sparkling wine […]

The day I learned about “bed picnics”


This past weekend I spent with a new group of “old” friends at the AARP Life at 50+ event in Atlanta. I had one of those moments when you meet someone in real life (that you’ve connected with online), and immediately knew that we’d be not only fast friends, but that I had found a […]

O’zapt is! it’s Oktoberfest


Bucket list admission. While you may see me with a glass of champagne in hand, I DO love beer as well (I think it’s the bubbles), so it’s no surprise that Oktoberfest in Munich is on my “must do” list. While I’ll be here in the states finding a local Octoberfest celebration, for those on […]

Do you remember exactly when you lost your…..


MIND VIRGINITY KEYS BOTTLE While I’ve done all FOUR, the most recent was the last. Yes, I DO remember the EXACT time that I LOST THE BOTTLE.  It was barely the 4th of July, up until that point I had always thought that the bottle and ONLY the bottle was my best friend, but just […]

Gallo Moscato


I never really cared for Moscato, and although I’ve tried it a few times, I never found it to be FULL bodied enough for me. Then again, I’d only tried the white varieties, so when Gallo Family Vineyards said they were sending some wine, I never expected to be Faced with three bottles White Moscato […]