Wine Wednesday: Anew Reisling

anew Reisling bottle

It’s been one day shy of a week since I started dieting. Ben (from The Gin Joint) gave me very specific instructions, but I was concerned. My first question to him was…can I still have wine? Thankfully the answer was YES.  The diet is what he used to lose 190 lbs, and it’s stricter than […]

Gimme Gamay – Beaujolais Nouveau

beaujolais nouveau Collage

There are things that I look forward to each year. Chanukah/Christmas brunch at my brother’s house Heading up to New England and feeling the brisk air of home again Opening birthday, anniversary & Chanukah gifts The 3rd Thursday in November #4 has nothing to do with the Mayflower or a stuffed turkey, in fact it […]

Champagne and strawberries (giveaway)

berries Collage

Life is all about bubbles, and there is no better combination to get ME all bubbly than champagne and strawberries. UNLESS it’s a giant, hand-picked strawberry that comes generously dipped in creamy white and pink champagne-infused real chocolate and decoratively sprinkled with gold, platinum and clear sugar. That may TRULY be the PERFECT combination. With […]

A vintage idea


I’ve enjoyed an afternoon Tio Pepe Palomino Fino and tapas in Jerez de la Frontera with members of the Gonzalez-Gordon family, and I’ve swirled, smelled & spit tasted with winemaker John Buechsenstein at the Culinary Institute in Napa Valley. I’ve enjoyed my favorite vintage while sitting in a cafe on rue Vieille du Temple in my Parisian […]

Flip the bird

flip the bird

I just wanted to say that…LOL. Seriously, I found this amazing drink recipe (rum) called “Flip the Bird” by Kate Grutman bartender (and brand liason) at The Spare Room (formerly of LA hot-spots Sotto and legendary Formosa Café)  in the iconic Roosevelt Hotel Hollywood. As summer fades to fall and cocktails shift towards cool weather warming and autumn inspired […]

Freeze, squeeze, tear, pour


I’m all about popping corks. Whether it be out at a fabulous South Beach restaurant or in front of the TV with Mr. S. Corks pop, wine gets poured, Zippy mellows out. Hand me a waiters corkscrew and I can have that bottle open in no time flat. I’ve got wine glasses in all shapes […]

The elegant epicurean – crab & wine


Notice that this is NOT one of my “how to” posts. While the dinner that follows came out absolutely wonderful, I’m sure that it was an accident of major proportions – or the fact that crab is probably one of the easiest things I’ve ever made. I love that AquaBest sent me LIVE SNOW CRABS, […]

Champagne over ice? Moët Ice Imperial

sugar & bitters

It’s true! For those of us champagne lovers who enjoy some cubes in their drink, Moët & Chandon has created a champagne created SPECIFICALLY to be poured over ice. Moët Ice Imperial with it’s tropical fruit aromas and a crisp, fresh flavor can be enjoyed AS IS or dressed up (see below). I’d LOVE to sneak some onto […]