Get outta my dreams

photo 5

Get into my car… That’s JUST what I did when Luis from STI showed up at my house with this… 2014 Mazda MX-5 Miata Grand Touring PRHT I call her >>>> The car I should have bought my Mazda-Rati I was in the market for a new car just a month or so ago. I […]

Lincoln MKC trip

Ben polo Lincoln MKC

I love being treated like a VIP and a few weeks ago I went to Santa Barbra with Lincoln for the debut of the MKC and was treated like a celebrity.  I know that a lot of the time I come off as gruff, I play rugby, like doing manly, things and I drink barrels […]

A spin in the Lexus ISF

photo 2

I’ve been stuck in the Jeep a bit too long again and I needed some speed!  Last year I got to drive the Lexus IS 250 and the IS 350, and now I finally get to try out the IS F.  For weeks before I got this ride I was glowing with excitement.  I need […]

2014 Scion TC

tc Collage

Ok…this post I a bit late but I busted my hand playing rugby and had to move and went to SXSW…it’s been a crazy month.   Since it came out I’ve been looking over the Scion Tc as a car that I’d like to purchase.  However until recently I had never driven one, I just though […]

A look at the 2014 Mazda 6 iTouring sedan

Photo courtesy of Mazda USA

It’s finally happened, I fell in love with a car. The 2014 Mazda 6 iTouring sedan, has captured my heart (and my lead foot). I tend to be hypercritical when I review a car. I grew up in the wholesale automobile business, my grandfather was a car dealer, my dad was a wholesale dealer and […]