A look at the 2014 Mazda 6 iTouring sedan

Photo courtesy of Mazda USA

It’s finally happened, I fell in love with a car. The 2014 Mazda 6 iTouring sedan, has captured my heart (and my lead foot). I tend to be hypercritical when I review a car. I grew up in the wholesale automobile business, my grandfather was a car dealer, my dad was a wholesale dealer and […]

Santa keep your sleigh – I’m driving a Sorento

Sorento Collage

Last year….well, maybe it was LESS than a year ago, I hopped into a burgundy colored Kia Sorento and took it for a spin. I took it for a LOT of spins, but no matter HOW many times I drove it I knew that it wasn’t a car for me. It didn’t have that Champagne […]

The BEAST at the mansion

2013-11-01 14.38.34

Another week, another car in the driveway. I feel like I’m back home with my parents. My dad owned a wholesale automobile dealership and he would swap out cars on me every so often depending upon what was coming & going to the auction, or what the dealers were looking for. Last week Mitsubishi swung […]

Toyota truck time! – Tundra and 4 Runner

tundra Collage

As you know I love performance cars.  I’m consistently coming to conclusions that I unjustly compare everything to European Super Cars.  I’ve always liked trucks, but somehow I thought that they just were not my thing (to drive).   I was wrong.  I f*cking love trucks they are so much fun, especially off-road and driving fast.  […]

What was he in for? #2014Corolla


There’s nothing MORE that I LOVE than spending a few days with my girlfriends, especially in a city like Miami. When Toyota invited me to the first drive of the 2014 Corolla at the BEAUTIFUL Viceroy Hotel on Brickell for a couple of days, I looked at the guest list and said GIRLFRIEND GETAWAY. Joe, […]

Luxury car shopping – 5 tips for women


Having grown up in the automobile business, I had NEVER had to go out and buy a car on my own. My dad just handed me the keys to whatever wasn’t selling on the lot (dealer plate attached) and that was it. It was my car, until another one came along that wasn’t selling. After […]

3 Family Cars that scream Champagne Living


Safety and Versatility These 3 Cars will Still Allow your Family to Live the Champagne Lifestyle If you’re thinking of starting (or expanding) your family then you’ll undoubtedly be considering upsizing your car. For many people, this is an incredibly difficult decision and one that never comes easily. If, 12 months ago, you upgraded to […]

Looking hot on the road in the Scion FR-S


I’ve been looking for a fun rear wheel drive car lately. The past few years I have I’ve gotten into sports cars. Before this I owned or drove your normal sedan, coupe or SUV (I currently alternate between a sedan and an SUV) but neither are much fun to drive. You sit in them and you […]