Lexus GX 460


As many of you know, I play rugby.  It’s a rough sport and it’s a ton of travel.  This always presents us with a problem.  We travel with 24 guys (23 players and 1 coach) sometimes we even bring some supporters so the dilemma is having an automobile that is large, comfortable and fuel efficient.  […]

The Day I Became a Nascar Driver


Fast, Loud, and tons of metal. If you’re a Nascar fan you know the power in each of those words. Ford Social took these words and made them a lifetime memory! I’ve always been the type to love adventure. Shoot me down a zip line through a mountain or put me in the front row […]

LPGA Kia Performance Awards


A HUGE shout out thank you to both Kia and one of my favorite bloggers – Rachel Ferrucci from Tools2Tiaras for representing Champagne Living at the recent LPGA Kia Performance Awards in Naples, FL.  She took one for the team and spent a few days at the Ritz Carlton with a friend and enjoyed some […]

Taking the Lexus CT200H for a spin


I have to drive tons for work! In addition to that I also have loads to do with rugby driving all over the state as well.  My life is hectic and while it’s great to have a fast gas guzzling car, it’s not practicable for me.  I need something that is both fuel efficient and […]

Soul cruisin’


Last month I had the honor of being one of the first to take the newest electric car out on the road Kia’s Soul EV. Mind you, I’ve driven my share of hybrids…both gas and combined gas/electric, but THIS was my virgin drive in a true EV. Would I be a convert or a hater? […]

Sneak peek: Scion iM

scion im concept

I’m not going to lie, I get excited when Scion puts out a new car. A little bird just told me that Scion is debuting their new concept car at the Los Angeles Auto Show in November.  Lets hope they bring the fire like they did with the FRS.  Here is a brief sneak peak… Such […]

Lexus RC & RC-F

lexus rc lineup

I’ve been itching to drive something new. Honestly driving my current car has gotten me down it’s an efficient car however it’s boring and “All work and no play makes me a lame driver.” So it was time to reinvigorate my love for the open road and my friends at Lexus did just that. It’s […]

Buzzing around in a Kia Soul

yellow kia

Where do I begin? My friends at the auto concierge company called to say they were bringing me a Kia Soul to review. My reaction How do I get out of this? I’ve reviewed a Soul before and frankly, it wasn’t a car that I’d buy. I like a car with style. I like a car with […]

Get outta my dreams

photo 5

Get into my car… That’s JUST what I did when Luis from STI showed up at my house with this… 2014 Mazda MX-5 Miata Grand Touring PRHT I call her >>>> The car I should have bought my Mazda-Rati I was in the market for a new car just a month or so ago. I […]