Bucket List: Iceland

eat lips

The conversation went as usual. “Where do you want to go next?” – “How about we go to Iceland to see the Northern Lights this year?” Each year, sometimes twice a year, Susie and I have the conversation about where we’ll head to next. My cousin and I have been travel companions and best friends […]

Armchair travel: Best of books

Packed with stunning photos and engaging vignettes about U.S. and world destinations, Rand McNally's new "Best of" series will awaken and captivate the traveler that stirs in all of us. (PRNewsFoto/Rand McNally)

When I’m not in-flight or at a destination, there’s nothing that I love doing more than a little armchair travel. Even Mr. S, who’s not much of an explorer loves to pick up a great book of travel photographs like the new “Best Of” series by Rand McNally. This travel series is packed with stunning […]

How to: prepare for a job interview

Businessman shaking hands with a job applicant

If you are looking for a new job and you are going to many different job interviews, you need to take a better attention to what you are wearing. First of all, wanted it or not, but a first impression of you is actually made by your outfit. So if you want to make your […]

Back to school: don’t forget the little things

messy room

It’s fall and whether you’ve got coeds heading to campus or it’s a memory that you hold dearly, it still means back to school. I remember loading the car with all of Ben’s stuff and driving him to the dorm, lamps hanging out the window and excitement in the air. Prepping for college is so […]

INSPIRED: glamping al fresco


al fres·co al ˈfreskō/ – in the open air Last month I got to take that term quite literally, as I headed to Firelight Camps in Ithaca, NY to take part in an Iron Chef style competition with al fresco All Natural products. While you all know that I’m neither much of a cook, not […]

How to see the Canadian Rockies


As an East Coast gal, the West Coast has always been somewhat of a mystery to me. While I’ve been to California, most of my effort has been spent in Los Angeles, San Diego, and well…NOTHING north of San Francisco. Our winters were spent sliding down the mountains of New England, and when it came […]



As a verified coffee lover, I enjoy not only a variety of coffees, but I have enough coffee-makers to supply a small town. From my Keurig 2.0 in my South Florida home, to the Nespresso that sits on the counter in Boston, I enjoy mixing things up for different depths, different coffees, and different types. […]

A different type of wanderlust

beach house in black & white

I suppose I was born this way, with the need to travel (wanderlust). While Mr. S loves nothing more than being at home, I want to explore new places. At the same time, I look forward to coming home. When I’m not traveling for Champagne Living, my travel tends to be more of a slow, […]

How to: choose the perfect rug color for your home

Close-up of female feet wearing orange shoes against colorful retro rug.

The new mansion is all set, our closing was on Tuesday this week, so it’s time to hit the floor running and begin with the remodel/redecorate/re-mansion project. Today we’re looking at RUGS and how to choose them. Area Rugs: Home Décor at its Base An area rug helps to tie a space within a home […]