Cold in July

cold in july

I think Texas pulp should be its own genre, I know it really is easy to get push it into noir or crime thriller, but Texas pulp has a feel all of its own.  Films like Blood Simple, No Country For Old Me, Blue Ruin and Killer Joe really have turned this location into a […]

Cruising gets all-inclusive on MSC


Mr S and I used to cruise often. For those of us living near a port it can be both an inexpensive getaway and a way to see the world without having to switch hotel rooms and fly from country to country. When I cruised Europe last year I realized JUST how convenient it can […]

7 at-home spa day secrets


I received product to facilitate this post. All opinions are my own. What woman doesn’t LOVE going to the spa? I go EVERY chance that I get, but with a day at the spa costing as much as a weekend away, it’s not as often as I like. So, I do what many of my […]

Atlantic Luggage take me away

This post brought to you by Atlantic Luggage. The content and opinions expressed below are that of Champagne Living. For those who’ve been following me on social media, you know that Mr. S was in the hospital all last week. He’s home now, and while he’s not at 100% yet, he still thinks that he’s […]

The Skinny on Supplements

healthcare and medicine

I am a paid ambassador for Puritan’s Pride. All opinions and statements in this post reflect my OWN opinion and not those of the company. Are you trying to lose weight like me? I’m so sick and tired of those strict exercise regimes or stringent diet plans. They are almost IMPOSSIBLE to stick to. This […]

Coffee culture Italian style


No matter where in the world I travel, one of the things that I ALWAYS do, is enjoy the local coffee. I’ve enjoyed a cup of rich Turkish coffee with the grounds swirling around my cup and a cardamon pod, I’ve had a Cortado in Spain, Cafe au Lait in Paris, and a simple Ristretto in Savona, Italy on my trip last year.