My favorite words: SALE at SHOPBOP


One of my favorite words in the English language is: SALE So, I figured that I’d share a GREAT one with you, especially because it’s where I purchase a lot of the clothes that you see me wearing at events, including the Glam Ball and walking the red carpet this past weekend at the Cinderella […]

10 ways to keep your dog healthy

Boy And Mother Taking Dog For Examination By Vet

I am a paid ambassador for Petcurean. I chose to align myself with them, because I truly believe that they’re the best food on the market today. Keeping your bestie healthy and happy is important. With all of the love that they give you, and all of the fun you’ve had and will have with […]

If my feet could talk (shoe talk)


They’d probably yell at me….and use profanity. I have an ambulatory issue, having had an accident some 15 years ago. Seven surgeries and countless hours of physical therapy mean that I can walk (or limp) without crutches, a leg brace, or a lift in my right shoe. I should be very conscious of what I […]

Paula Dorf Perfect Color a 3-in-1 cosmetic


As a gal on the go, who carries a VERY small handbag, I need cosmetics that are multi-duty, ESPECIALLY when I travel. I mean with the silly carry-on restrictions lately, having too many products can mean paying $25-$35 for checking even a carry-on size bag. What’s a travel journalist to do? I like to pare […]

Warm up with this Margarita recipe


February 22nd is Margarita Day. Considering that even down here in sunny Florida the temperatures have dipped into the 30’s this Blue Nectar Margarita Toddy should hit the spot! Enjoy this nice warm Margarita recipe. Blue Nectar ® Margarita Toddy 1 ½ oz. Blue Nectar Special Reserve Tequila ½ oz. Grand Marnier ½ oz. pomegranate […]