Fall fun & family traditions


It seems that when the weather makes that quick turn from hot to brisk, our family begins thinking of all of the fun things ahead.

Here are Evan’s favorite fall rules…..

1. Help your parents rake up the leaves into a big pile…and then jump into it!

Jump, jump, jump & WIN!

kj fest logo

Do you remember loving the bounce house, jump rope and trampolines? I do. Last week I was invited to participate in a Kangoo Class in Fort Lauderdale at Polestars, but I happened to be far, far, away from South Florida (in Southern California). While I’d have LOVED to be bouncing around with some of my […]

Lexus RC & RC-F

lexus rc lineup

I’ve been itching to drive something new. Honestly driving my current car has gotten me down it’s an efficient car however it’s boring and “All work and no play makes me a lame driver.” So it was time to reinvigorate my love for the open road and my friends at Lexus did just that. It’s […]

Buzzing around in a Kia Soul

yellow kia

Where do I begin? My friends at the auto concierge company called to say they were bringing me a Kia Soul to review. My reaction How do I get out of this? I’ve reviewed a Soul before and frankly, it wasn’t a car that I’d buy. I like a car with style. I like a car with […]

Dare to Dream

Boat trip in blue lagoon

Six or seven years ago, I sat down at my computer and began to type. There was no real plan, it was something that I had talked about with a friend. She saw blogging as the way to MAKE IT, I saw it as a way to hone my skills and perhaps be able to […]

Getting spicy!

Olive Oil And Spices

I recently read that there are FIVE must have spices for any spice rack…that’s right only 5. So, I looked in my kitchen and realized, that just like my clothing closet, I seemed to have amass a huge quantity of items that look FABULOUS on the rack, but are rarely used. The funny thing is, that when I looked at the list of “must-have’s” for the creative cook, I was actually missing one of them.