Designing a Grown Up Kitchen


When one thinks of chic interior design, ones doesn’t always think of children. Of course, having children is amazing and there’s nothing more wonderful than becoming a parent, but it has to be said that when imagining a grown up kitchen space the … [Continue reading]

Adding Value with Home Renovations


Home renovations can either be a passion or a necessity. But one thing’s for certain: carried out properly, they can add a significant amount of value onto your home. One of the best ways to ensure that this value is high is to save money by … [Continue reading]

Creating a Stylish Loft Conversion


Loft conversions are a great way to add value and space to your home. Before you go ahead, however, there are a number of things which you’ll need to consider. Starting from a solid foundation will ensure that your stylish loft conversion goes off … [Continue reading]

Celebrity Interior Design for Your Home


A celebrity home is something we all aspire to. Celebrities are well known for having some of the most expensive and best-looking homes in the world. Not only are they situated in the most stunning locations – from central London to beautiful Beverly … [Continue reading]

Wine, wine, go away….


Wait, I don't want the WINE to go away, I want one of you to be able to GO AWAY TO THE WINE. Our new besties at Underground Cellar are hosting a giveaway that's WINE-TASTIC and we didn't think it would be right if we kept this information all to … [Continue reading]

A Cyclone went through the house

cyclone picture

Whoosh...... It's not often that we write about toys on Champagne Living, but since Radio Flyer approached us about reviewing the Cyclone, I thought...hmm...I have the PERFECT TESTER for this Champagne Living worthy set of wheels. EVAN! So, I … [Continue reading]

Finally it’s Spring – #springtastic twitter party

Move over Clem - I have a twitter party to do.

 Move over Clem - I have a twitter party to do. Sorry, Clem but this one is NOT for the dogs. On the contrary, we're having a twitter party to celebrate SPRING and all of my readers (and their readers) are invited. It's time to ditch the boots … [Continue reading]

Le Cirque wine pairing dinner at The Bellagio


An event after my own heart, in one of my favorite girlfriend getaway cities....LAS VEGAS! The gorgeous Bellagio hotel is scheduled to host its first wine pairing dinner of 2014 at Le Cirque Saturday, April 5 at 6:30 p.m. That's right Le Cirque … [Continue reading]