A Healthier Me! Getting back in the game.

Fenway Park Green MonsterI know VERY  little about sports, but both Mr. “S” and “B” are HUGE fans. Both played football, baseball, etc. This time of year, I’ve come to expect my Sunday’s will be spent with the likes of Dustin Pedroia, Josh Beckett and Jason Varitek . The season has been a bit of a roller coaster for them so far, and it got me thinking about MY SEASON.

Like the Sox, my mission to get healthier this season has had it’s ups and downs. Last night, as I saw them win over the Yankees, I realized that it’s not over until someone wins the pennant.  While I started out STRONG as part of the Lean Cuisine bloggers (I lost 7.5 lbs.), I backslid after the program ended and went back to my old eating habits.

Athletes, no matter HOW good they are still need to practice. What made me think that I could just slide into home without WORKING at getting healthier? Thankfully, I have a GREAT team to help support me and I’m going back to the bull pen and warming up for my next step.

Beginning TODAY – I’m coming PREPARED with trusty equipment, a good coach and plenty of team support.

I hope that you’ll follow my progress (both my ups and my downs) as I do what it takes to:

  • Lose Weight
  • Get Fit
  • Strengthen My Body
  • Take Control of My Health

I’m planning on hitting this over the Green Monster this year!!!!!

Stats Going In:

  • Sedentary
  • 142 lbs. (5’1″ tall)
  • Limitations: Arthrofibrosis/right knee – resulting in greater trochenteric bursitis (left) and lower back pain
  • Eating habits – stress and boredom eater

Ultimate Goals:

  • Tone Up
  • 115 lbs.
  • Reduce pain in joints through exercise (weight loss will take some of the stress off of the joints as well)
  • Eat consciously

This week’s goals:

  • Begin an eating journal – there’s nothing like SEEING what you write down to curb the amount of food you take in
  • Get out and walk – I know that if I overdo things early on, I set myself up to #fail. My plan is to make certain that the dog gets LOTS of exercise this week.

Care to join in? Why not write your OWN post about how YOU’RE planning on becoming a Healthier Me!

Next Healthier Me Post: The Team Roster



  1. says

    I’m with ya Zippy! I lost a bunch of weight a couple years ago but put it all back on. I was also with the Lean Cuisine bloggers and when that was done, pretty much, so was I. However, I just ordered myself a new pair New Balance walking shoes the other day that should be in in a couple of days and I DO plan to use them every day!!

    Speaking of the Red Sox, how did they do on their opening series? Wasn’t it against the Texas Rangers? Hmm….I do think I was at the ballpark to witness Texas sweep the Sox, first hand. I do love love love my Texas Rangers!! :)

    • Zipporah says

      Oh shoosh Lisa. Of course, I live in Florida now, but I just can’t wrap my head around supporting the Marlins (and I live less than a mile from their Spring Training facility).


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