Getaway: Marriott Harbor Beach – Ft Lauderdale

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Disclosure: I attended a Media Day at the Harbor Beach Marriott as their guest. Further disclosure: My brother is a member of the HB Marriott Beach Club, and I go OFTEN as his guest. ALL opinions are strictly my own…I LOVE this place. There are only a few spots that I can name in South […]

A guide to Key West


One of the biggest perks of living in South Florida is being able to drive to Key West in a couple of hours.  If you’ve never been it should absolutely be in the top five of your bucket list. If you’ve been, I’m guessing that you’ve been back again, and again, and again. It’s fun, […]

10 reasons to visit “The Other Keys”

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While most of the country thinks of a vacation in “the keys” as heading south of Miami to the islands that end at the southernmost point of the United States, there are in fact a set of OTHER keys that dot the beautiful gulf coast of Florida. I’ve been living in Florida for nearly eight […]

Wynwood Walls


Home to over 70 museums, galleries, and collections, the Wynwood Art District of Miami can be found East of Route 95 between 20th and 36th streets. The neighborhood has become art central in Miami, and while it’s hopping with night clubs and restaurants, the most wonderful sites are the public art that adorns the walls […]

What I did on my summer vacation giveaway – #mysummerstory

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As a blogger and travel writer, I read a LOT of blogs (yes, I probably read yours), and I notice that the majority of posts that I read about travel, always either include hubby, or hubby and the family. My question for you is… Don’t you EVER just need to go away ALL BY YOURSELF?  […]

Dog friendly Delray Beach delray beach

Most of the time I’m off gallivanting on my own (or on group press trips), my travels just happen to be what I do for a living. Still, there are times when Mr. S and I like to get away for a few days on our own….no camera, no notepad, no interviews, and no touring […]

A quick Delray Beach getaway!

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I know that it’s mid-July and the LAST place you’re thinking about visiting is FLORIDA, but I’m in vacation mode (or rather I WANT to be in vacation mode) and I’m already thinking about where Mr. S and I will be headed this fall. We love to take staycations here in Florida, because we’ve only […]

Disney on a discount


Have you noticed that not everyone is all smiles and laughter at Disney World, SeaWorld or Universal Studios? The ads show happy families embarking on uncrowded adventures, but in my experience the reality is exhausted parents, kids screaming out of impatience, and money spilling out of pockets quicker than the descent on Splash Mountain. Having […]