McBaguette at McDo


In four weeks I’m heading back to Paris for my as-often-as-I-can-get-there-mecca. I have to admit that my FIRST stop in Paris way back in 1972 (which was when I first stepped foot on French soil) was to a Wimpy hamburger chain by the Luxembourg Gardens.  I’m sure that it’s no longer there, but since I […]

Cezanne, Pastis – yes, it’s Provence

Just mention the word “Provence” and I can SMELL the lavender and remember the wonderful dinners served up by George Germon and Johanne Killeen of Al Forno (which was next to our restaurant years ago) who have a second home in Provence.  “It’s the place that dreams and magazine spreads are made of. Where everything […]

Bonjour mes amis – Rosetta Stone

Rosetta StoneTOTALe My bucket list has always included one thing. Well, it’s included a FEW things all based on ONE THING…. LIVING IN FRANCE. I was 18 years old the first time I went to Paris (it was probably the first time I’d been anywhere without my parents) and I came to love the city […]